Arabic Courses
Arabic Quarterly Courses
We teach Modern Standard Arabic courses. Motivation in the Arabic Language Classroom, what every student needs. Interact with native speakers. An approach teaches skills and integrates students in everyday life. Additional activities reinforce what is learned in class. It is your choice to enroll in the fall, winter, spring or the summer!
Arabic Summer Programs
Learn Arabic and enjoy the vivid culture in Jordan. The learning portion of this program is very concise but very much rewarding when it comes to learning the language. The student will have a great opportunity to practice the Arabic language all time because of all different activities and trips organized by Wafid.
Other Programs
Wafid offers monthly intensive programs designed to suit the student’s busy or limited schedule. Student preparation to study in the Middle East. Private tutoring is offered year-round on a by-request basis. Curriculums Development. Arabic in greater depth in such fields as diplomacy, medicine, tourism and business. Plus vernacular (Ammiya) courses.
Youth Summer Arabic Language Camp for High School Students
Youth Summer Arabic Language Camp for High School Students
To learn Arabic language through immersion programs and activities, instill leadership characteristics, and expose students to Arabic Heritage and Culture!
  • More than 300 hours of educational programs and activities
  • Arabic Language (Based on student's level)
  • Arabic Culture and Traditions. Expose students to moderate Islamic society that respect other religions
  • Skills Development to build future leaders through educational positive atmosphere
  • Youth Interaction and practice different language and cultures.
  • Explore the Middle East geography, history, religions and heritage
  • Recreation: Historical and tourist trips, sports, excursions through Jordan and much more!
Also we have a program with additional Islamic theme “Youth Summer Arabic & Islamic Camp”, please visit Youth Summer Camp section for more details about both programs.

HURRY! Limited seats available
Wafid Arabic Institute was created and established in Amman, Jordan to meet the increasing worldwide demand for learning Arabic as a second language. We use our experience and expertise in collaboration with our sister company Noorart – USA (over 17 years in Arabic educational experience) to lead the way in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers. Our goal is to be the leading educational institute for learning Arabic while providing the highest quality service.
With Wafid Arabic Institute you will get an extraordinary experience while you are in Jordan. We will ensure maximum benefit from your studying. We will assist you with all your needs in and out the class. We have advantages that make us more efficient and unique in the field of teaching Arabic to non-native speakers.
  • Learn Arabic 24/7
  • Find low-to-high economic lifestyle availability
  • Ease of proximity to neighboring countries
  • Find the historical, unique landmarks
  • Meet friendly, generous, world renowned Arab hospitality
  • English as a second language society
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